Prognosis Negative

by Deathblow

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Dag Blahlia
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Dag Blahlia 'Prognosis Negative' is a lean, mean thrashin' machine. No BS, no pretension, just piles and piles of meaty riffs and perfectly placed double-bass blast beats. What more could you ask for from a metal album? Favorite track: Defcon 1.
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Necrobirth It's fucking metal as fuck dude Favorite track: Masters Of War.
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grungiernine0 Fuckin' fantastic! My CD just arrived and I am not disappointed in the slightest.

Cheers from Lehi!!
Skyler Isaac
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Skyler Isaac Every track on this album is a gem. Fine songwriting and musical composition combine to form one of the best thrash albums I've ever heard. Favorite track: Prognosis Negative.
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released January 24, 2014

All songs and lyrics written by Deathblow

Produced by Andy Patterson, Deathblow and Ryan Hunter



all rights reserved


Deathblow Salt Lake City, Utah

Thrash metal from Salt Lake City

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Track Name: Defcon 1
Defcon 1

First blood is drawn
National defcon drops to one
Sirens fill the air
The call to arms now has begun
Escalating tensions
Strike first or be blown away
Impending, dreary future
Living in a state of self decay

Airborn missles falling bombs
Defcon 1

Rape, murder, hypocrisy
Watch it all on your TV
Mutually assured destruction
Watch it all on your TV
The gears of Death are turning
Of the verge endless war
Waiting for the end of time
Hailing lead bolts from the sky

Airborn missiles loaded guns
Defcon 1

Humanity is weaning on the verge of destruction
Can’t count the cost of this mortal imperfection

Sanity is fading, anarchy has won
The last hope has left through the barrel of your gun
Track Name: Riddled With Tumors
Riddled With Tumors

The growth has formed, the strain begins
No hope, no cure, no resistance
Lesions form, oozing puss
Overtaking your existence
Knawing at your threshold of pain
Diminishing your pace
Riddled with Infectious Tumors
Sprouting on your face

Riddled with tumors everywhere
Can’t escape, sucked dry as lungs gasp for air
Growths that form suck the life from me
Morphing flesh from skin to puss as cells burst and bleed

The disease grows and feeds
Eating away the tissue walls
Veins are clotting, flesh is rotting
The nervous system stalls
Blood and mucus fill your lungs
Rabid cells lacerate
Stricken with vast intrusions
A life defied by fate

Riddled with tumors everywhere
Make it stop, ripped apart from the inside out
Growths that form suck all life from me
Turning flesh, from skin to puss as the virus feeds

Spreading fast, pain, growths, sores and inflammations
Gaining mass, this wretched disease tears its victims life from limb splitting cells to kill again
Consuming life, body sores and deformations
Left to die, helpless thousands, one by one, turned to victims; thousands more await this mutant plague
Track Name: Habit Of Force
Habit Of Force

The urge will not subside
Can’t turn it off and hide
My power lust is burning
Burning from inside
When it finally comes
There’s no time to turn and run
Destined to become my victim
Driven by a strong habit of force

Of Force
Habit of Force
Of Force

Destined to be hunted by a bird of prey
I’ll stalk you in the dark
My personal amusement ride
Defiled and turned to art
Lost sense of morality
What’s yours is mine to mold
Bound your arms, tear off your clothes
It’s over before you’ve had a chance to scream

The urge is on the rise
Feeding motives to my brain
A victim of my impulses
No sense and no restraint remains
Instincts now closing in
They cannot be restrained
Needy digits finds find their home
My filthy habit cannot be contained
Track Name: Hellbound

Fall into your place
Victims of fate
Such sites await
Beyond the gates
Forever damned
By your own hands
Beyond your dreams
Laughs turn to screams

The puzzle box is twisting in my hands
I possess the only key
Gateways to hell, hooks of misery
Forced in my head, reduced to shreds

Flash before my eyes
Lifetimes estranged
Pleasures and pain
Flesh rearranged

The puzzle box is twisting in my hands
I possess the only key
Thresholds of pain, coma of misery
Leave me for dead, reduced to shreds

Forced to endure extremes
Is this real or a dream?
Pleasures are enhanced through flesh
Pain is the name of this god-forsaken quest

Carnage litters all sides
Where bones and flesh lie
Malignant beings
Perilous dream
Track Name: Prophecies Of Doom
Prophecies Of Doom

Born dead into this world
As foretold by the prophets sight
Past has stripped the futures fate
And turned into eternal night

You can’t escape the warning signs
The final pestilence draws near
You can’t escape the warning signs
Pass your time living in fear

Life with nothing left to tell
Awaits impending doom
Eternal rape, you can’t escape
There’s nothing you can do

You can’t escape the warning signs
The final pestilence draws near
You can’t escape the warnings signs
A faceless icon spreading fear

Now the earth starts to shake
Violent fear as the ozone starts to bake
Could it be, the predictions are fast coming true?

There’s nowhere to run
As clouds of dust block out the sun
Could it be the Prophecies are true?

You can’t escape the warning signs
The final pestilence draws near
You can’t escape the warnings signs
You’ll spend your life living in fear
Track Name: Bestial Spell
Bestial Spell

Something is stirring
In the heavens above
An evil forming from within
Without warning nothing could prepare
For when it’s reign of terror begins

Can’t find a way
A way to break free from this hell
Once it begins
Can’t stop the bestial spell

Without casting a shadow
It brings foul stench and fear
Down on the masses
Chaos erupts the darkest of days
Cast forever eternally enslaved

Can’t find a way
A way to break out of this hell
Once it begins
Can’t stop the bestial spell

A brown mass is casting
Into the deep gulfs of space
Evil is passing, seeping with malice
A new dawn waits
… Awaiting to one day return
Track Name: Masters Of War
Masters of War

Masters of war, drag down the world
With hopes of control, bleeding all hopes of peace
Rulers in charge, will watch as it burns
Cities to ruins and human disease

Manipulate their power than take all that they can
With utter dependence your life’s in their hands
When they take their seats at the throne
You are there’s to own
They are free to do whatever they want

Masters of death, dictate your last breath
Corpses will burn, till there’s no one left
The ones who rein are a sickening display
When cruelty is power, your death is their gain

Now the time is right for us to strike
Bear no mercy, show your might
Now they’ll feel, when it’s to late
Cold Steel vengeance before they die
Track Name: Prognosis Negative
Prognosis Negative

Viles, jars and test-tubes
Re-writing future man
Weeding out the useless ones
Re-wiring genetic Strands

Cold specimens

Unnatural selection
Genetically born disgrace
Burn away impurities
Mass-producing a selective master race

Thousands left unborn
Never had a chance
Your face, your ears, your nose, your eyes
Were chosen before you were conceived

Cold Specimens
Left to die

Altering genetics
Worldwide mass eugenics
New final solution
Re-defining evolution

Entire culture’s, entire lives, vanish without a trace
Host of human hybrids take their place

Lifetimes of evolution in just a decade it will transcend
Genetically engineering the beginning of the end

The trend has killed the past, now there is no hope or cure
A vision of a dreary future, life as we know it will disappear

Rigid Contraception
To rid the vile seed
And separate the perfect ones
From those who will never breath

Cold Specimens
Track Name: Nocturnal Feeders
Nocturnal Feeders

They come from out of nowhere
Spill into the night
The urge to feed off every living thing in sight
Centuries of degradation
Left dormant underground
Beyond the depths of the city awaiting to be found
Cross over unforeseen
Like shadows in the dark
Leave destruction in their path and set aside their mark
A twist of fate a flash of fury
The bloodlust has begun
They will not stop until they’ve taken everyone one

Nothing could prepare
What would come to be
Death is in the air
Feeders of the Night

No one could foresee
Ripping flesh from meat
Corpses sprawled in sight
Feeders of the Night

Spawned from vast mutation
They leave no time to flee
Eyes of fury and piercing teeth seal your destiny
Driven by intensive hunger
Lead by the stench of fear
Nocturnal creatures come for you, aware that you are near
Race on foot as you
Tempt a certain death
Sense the end approaching as you feel their primal breath
A twist of fate a flash of fury
The bloodlust has begun
They will not stop until
The feeding… is done